Monday, July 11, 2011

Bike Fit @ For The Riders

Thursday night beers and pizza with the Muppets clan @ ForTheRiders we wandered around the new store in awe.  After having a run down on basic mechanics and maintenance from Matt we were taken into the Bike Fit room with Tim and we were given the run down about actually setting up your bike properly.

After the recent acquisition of my Tomac Carbide I decided that having it set up properly is the least I should do.. I rolled into FTR during a heavily extended lunch break to get the bike sorted before the 8hr.

Starting from the ground up, cleats of course they were wrong as was the rest of the set up of the bike.  
After sticking velcro dots and sensors on points along your body, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder you start spinning on the bike and so does the little stick man on the computer... :-)

Although the changes didn't look like much, few mm here and there the change in comfort was amazing.  I went from a 90mm  to 60mm steam with a flat bar instead of a riser.  On completion of the bike fit, all the key point were digitally measured and recorded along with all the other information from the fit and emailed through to you for future use.

I managed to get one roll on the single track before tackling the 8hr, the change was noticeable straight away.  The bike felt amazing, the race is gonna be fun.

I can not recommend highly enough to go in and see Tim at FTR and get your Steeds set up. The best thing you can do for your riding.  Just wish I had done it months ago.


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