Monday, July 11, 2011

Tailwind 8 Hr 19th June

The final race of the series..

Rolled up at daylight to Old Hidden Vale for the final race of the series.  Although there nice and  early  I didn't get a chance to get out and do a practice lap, but after racing the 24 here only a month ago and the course was the same, I was happy that I knew what I was in for..

For a change I started a bit forward of the middle, Usually I tend to start towards the back.  8am and wheels were rolling.  My plan for the race was to try and stay nice and consistent and get through a minimum of 8 laps.It was great to be out racing with so many mates... new and old..

No mechanicals or flats and an awesome crew in Kel Pearson allowed me to keep rolling around this awesome course. A very close encounter with a Brown Snake was more than enough to get the heart racing.. The Carbide felt awesome after having it fitted properly only days before.. Thanks FTR

8 laps, and finishing 4th in the Solo women's gave me the points needed to finish 3rd in the series overall.

Massive thanks to Kel for single handedly crewing for 4 of us.. you rock!!! Congrats to Boris for getting back on top of the podium..

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