Wednesday, April 11, 2012

12hrs in the Piney - Armidale

Well this was a last minute decision but Richard and I decided to go down along with Boris and compete ihn a 2 person mixed and between us we could look after Boz riding Solo.

Lets just say this track is not a hardtail SS track.. But man it was fun!!!!!!!!

This would have to be one of the best events I have been to... 10am start 10pm finish on a saturday, so plenty of time to recover before having to drive home sunday morning.

Now back to the track, AWESOME.... first few kms were flowing through the pine trees and this is where you could get some real pace on(if you had the big gears to do it).. my little legs were spinning off their pivots..  The middle of the track had some nice climbing, through pine forest, along creek, rock gardens... there were a lot of technical areas through out the track but there was always a B line for anyone less confident.. The descent was awesome although getting towards the end of the race the arms were getting tired so a couple of B lines were taken.  The last 3 kms was like the first back through the pine forest... it was quite a rough course so a dually would have been a better choice but all in all a super track.

After an error with the timing tent and a miscommunication we ended up coming 2nd.. long story..... lets just say that regardless of what any timing sheet says Rich and I will be racing till the very end from now on.

This was only the 2 time this event was run.... we will be back next year with reinforcements!!And a different bike. ;-)


So the news for the new year is that I have been asked to join as newly formed MTB team.
The MultiLYNX team consists of Simon and Samantha Frederiksen, Chris Lusty and myself.
 In addition to the MultiLYNX sponsorship Simon put in some great work which resulted in sponsorship from Adidas Eyewear & Shotz Nutrition.
I also have the ongoing support of my employer ESANDA.

A benefit of the team is having Sam & Simon as qualified cycling coaches.. so between them they have compiled my training program to keep me on the straight and narrow.  The program has also included participating in some Crit races... road racing.. not my cup of tea, the people are just a bit strange but it is damn good training.

I have also competed in a 45min short course XC race which as we know is not what I train for but it was good to get a good VO2 session going.. I got 2nd in the womens B grade on the SingleSpeed so pretty happy with that.

Catch up

Well it has been a long time since I have been on here..
Life seems to keep me busy or that's the excuse I will use.

So what has happened in my world since my last confession.
Noosa 000 8hr Challenge with Boris, - not much to report on this one, it was a very unchallenging course and after 6 hours of riding fire roads we pulled the pin.. I race because I enjoy it and this was not one either of us were having any fun at.

Jet Black 24hr..

Racing 4 person Mixed with Richard Baughan, Scott MacDonald and Mikey Price.
Having never been to Mt Annan track we were all looking forward to a different track.
After spending the week leading up to the race in Darwin for work I flew in on the Friday night with me came a nasty chest infection.
We had a great race and after having dramas with Xena's gears I completed most of my laps on Henson (Single Speed= only one gear) and still clocked laps as quick as two of the boys.. It was a good fun track and I would have enjoyed it more if I wasnt relying on cough medicine and Ventolin to compete.
We ended up 3rd after a super close leap frog battle with 2nd.  Note to others if you are in 3rd passing 2nd  and they don't know that you are their competition...DON'T TELL THEM MIKEY!!
Anyway great race and great track.. will be back for this one..

So as mentioned in above post I raced with a chest infection.... STUPID.... so this resulted in 2 months off the bike... :(