Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So the news for the new year is that I have been asked to join as newly formed MTB team.
The MultiLYNX team consists of Simon and Samantha Frederiksen, Chris Lusty and myself.
 In addition to the MultiLYNX sponsorship Simon put in some great work which resulted in sponsorship from Adidas Eyewear & Shotz Nutrition.
I also have the ongoing support of my employer ESANDA.

A benefit of the team is having Sam & Simon as qualified cycling coaches.. so between them they have compiled my training program to keep me on the straight and narrow.  The program has also included participating in some Crit races... road racing.. not my cup of tea, the people are just a bit strange but it is damn good training.

I have also competed in a 45min short course XC race which as we know is not what I train for but it was good to get a good VO2 session going.. I got 2nd in the womens B grade on the SingleSpeed so pretty happy with that.

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