Monday, September 27, 2010

Boonah Marathon Lite

Well the day has arrived.. The alarm goes off at 4am.  Boz and I pile into the yellow Vito with trusty Tomac steeds aboard and made the trek to Boonah... We arrived at the showgrounds about 5.45am.. It was a bit on the crisp side but at least it wasnt raining..
We went and did the rego thing.. I got my first T-shirt!! ah the small things..
So it was getting close to 8.30 and the people doing the Full were all lined up on the track.. the announcer shouted go, and then go again.. and then they were off and racing just like my butterflies..
8.50 and they called us up to line up for the start.. same again the announcer shouted go and we were off...

Off and racing butterflies and all.. Race plan = Finish... preferably not last..
So off we went, along the bitumen and then on to the dirt up and down then up again and again and again... where the hell did all these hills come from.. Not what I was expecting.. I reckon if you have to climb up a hill you should at least get rewarded with some single track down the other side.. but no.. I just kept chugging along until....just over an hour in we get to another hill.. up and up and up we go... I managed to get 90% of the way up when I couldn't spin my legs anymore and had to walk.. bugga.. although i did come across this lovely fella with water containers.. silly me forgot to try my electorlyte mix in my backpack and once racing found it so strong i couldnt get much down.. with the addition of the water and being at the peak of the hill I was good to go...

Down we go into farm land with as close to some form of single track as the race had.... this was fun.. then back on the flat and through the grass.. who knew grass makes you go so slow!!
Through the farm and out to the road, time for some food while I can manage eating .. off the road we hit the new trails network.. I was expecting some nice single track, unfortunately that was not the case..more like a slow winding dirt road wide enough to drive a truck along.. there was a little bit of fun had on the down hill of the trails.

I looked down, worked out I had about 8kms to go.. feeling really good and ready to give it everything I had left.  back in to the grass.. and up another hill passed a fella i had been yo-yoing all race and we exchanged obsanities about the hills and I kept trudging on past.. get to the top and there you go.... the finish line.. huh??? I'm sure I have another 5kms to go.. nope.. that's all folks...

I waited around for Boz to roll through and he arrived not too long after me keeping in mind he did an extra 30kms on top of the "Lite" version ..After waiting an hour and half for presentations and they still hadn't started we decided to bail.. I receiving a call from Bec on my way home and I found out that I actually placed 3rd in the 18-29 women's category.. Pretty stoked with that..

Thanks Boz for pushing me as hard as you do and to Rodney and Bec from SuperSports for helping me out with my faithful stead that didn't miss a beat my Tomac Automatic...

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