Saturday, March 5, 2011


Well it's been 4 months since my last confession..

Since racing Boonah a lot has gone on in my life and Brisbane (floods) so I didn't have the preparation I would have liked for the LunarC;

Excuses aside;

We had a great camp set up with 6 of us riding solo and a great crew of Kiri, Kel, Aunty T, John, Chez, Georgie, Kirsty and of course all the kidlets. 

Rocked up just in time to go for a roll around the track with Boz & Richard in daylight.  This was a deceiving course... heaps of singletrack and lots of little pinch climbs. was going to be an interesting race.

Rolled around to 1130 all ready to go, nerves going crazy.. straight to the back of the pack for me, I was going to ride my own race and not try and get caught up in the bolt start.

Midnight.. and we are off and racing.. the actual race for me was quite uneventful no flats, mechanicals or even chain off's, I had a ball in the race although one of the climbs had got the better of me by the end of the race.

I didn't really have a clue where I was in my category but didn't really care either, just keep riding, riding, riding.

After completing 9 laps, I ended up 5th in the solo Women's and 50th Overall in Solos.

Pretty happy with my race and it just highlighted for me how much more training I need to put in..

Thanks again to the Crew, it was great to come round and see every ones smiling faces.

Till next time
Allio out,

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