Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Merida 12Hr - Port Macquarie

Its the best track ever!! You will have a ball... all things I had heard before... This time it was true!!

Pearso & I combined forces and entered in pairs for the 12Hr.  Upon arriving we learnt there was no "mixed" category, we were racing men, mixed and women's pairs... oh well lets give this a crack.

I went out for a practice lap in day light by myself... and came back grinning from ear to ear...  yup this was going to be fun! The plan double laps till we got tired and then singles.

Pearso was kindly given starting honours and as the second wave they were off and racing. Pearso pumped out 2 solid laps and we were on a roll out I went for my two yup all good loving this...pearso again another two solid laps as he was due in it started to drizzle nothing too heavy just enough to be annoying... Pearso comes through and yells out its getting slippery.. he was right, tyre slipped out on a wooden burm and ended up head first in a tree... Im still yet to work out my magnetic attraction to trees.

I retrieved my AY-UPs from the bush dusted myself off and got back on the bike, slowly made it back with a message being carried for me for Pearso to get ready for an swap..

Pearso went out and did 3 in a row while Kel bandaged me up and then we were on it again... somewhere in there we worked out that we were only about 5 mins behind another "mixed pair" and it was on... we had a real race on our hand... pearso and I pulled out our fastest laps as our last two laps each to come across the line 4 mins in front of the other mixed team.

So 8th to the mens teams but 1st mixed team over the line... can say we were pretty stoked with our result.

100 points to Kel, your pancakes always rock at 3am.

Pearso you can be my wingman any day. LMAO