Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tre - X Short Course Off Road Triathlon - 2nd April

Well not really sure what tempted me to enter this, I think just pushing my body by doing new things to see how much it can endure.. hehehe

This race was held Wildeco up on the sunshine coast.. This is a real nice spot to camp and to race.
I headed up on Friday night to set up camp. Couldn't convince any of the boys to come and give it a crack, so I was on my own.. Always a good way to meet people.

Saturday morning is was up and about... time to do rego and go set up my gear in the transition area... having never done a triathlon of any description before I was a little apprehensive... So I set up my bike and running gear looked at it over and over.. well I hope I have got it right.

Standing on the bank of the dam my heart beat running a million miles a second.. and the horn went... in we go.. legs and arms are going everywhere.. the first 50 metres was all about trying to get going and get a decent line... Note to self next time just go at the front and let everyone else go round you... I was pretty happy with my swim.. definitely could have gone harder but didnt really no what to expect.

So out of the water and running up to transition... on with the shoes, number, helmet and gloves grab the Mac and away we went.. the ride was quite frustrating as there were a lot of people on a really wet track and wasn't much room for passing.. eventually I got a clean line and time to put the hammer down, I can't really run to save myself so the ride had to be my strongest leg. And it was... 2nd fastest on the bike put me into 3rd coming into the run.

Transition to the run was good, and I headed out for the last 4kms.. I was having a ball.. The run was great fun even though I really suck at it.. the scenery was lovely and the hills were not at all mean.. Unfortunately I lost 3 spots in the run, disappointing but not surprising.. at least I know where I need to focus for improvement.

All in all it was an awesome race... I was smiling the whole way (well maybe not while swimming) I would recommend it to anyone.. it was definitely nice to have a change up from all the XC races.
Bring on the next one.

Allio out..
The O so flattering Tri Suit shot.. lol 

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