Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Enduro Super Series 4 Hr

Heading to this race a little on the nervous side as the normal convoy of mates were not present, although MASSIVE thanks goes to Richard who came down kids in tow to crew for me. You Rock!!

A few familiar faces roll in including Chris, Nat & Jaryn, got busy setting up camp and trying to settle the nerves.

No time for a practice lap and I have never ridden OHV before. Oh well first lap is usually full of traffic so I can just roll around to get used to it.... or so I thought!!!

Roll.... this was not an option.... Mudfest is the one word to describe the track, the first 3 kms of every laps was just a bog hole, yet the whole track was wet and heavy and you had to peddle to get any momentum down hill.

I struggled through 4 laps in the four hours, I have never been so exhausted after riding...

I finished 8th in the solo women so was happy with that... lets hope the tracks not like that for the 24 in May.


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